We are at a critical time. We have 10 years to rock the boat. Business innovation can greatly enhance the future wellbeing of the planet.

By amplifying the inspiring narratives of businesses that have chosen a sustainable approach, I hope to contribute to the transition underway.

As social, economic and environmental responsibility goes mainstream, businesses of all sizes are require an increased capacity to communicate the significance of their work. I hope to meet this need with a voice as innovative as the businesses I work for.

Wny Sustainability Brand Storytelling?

Hi, I’m Erica. Welcome to my site.

People tell me I’m courageous, interesting and a great writer. I hope to live up to these qualities in my work.  

There is this myth in the business world that we have to bear our medals and awards to earn esteem. This is the Olympic medalist mentality. You may ask, what’s wrong with that? Nothing at all if you want to do “business as usual.” This implies a codified set of rules established for a well-known game.

But I didn’t start my business as a freelance writer to follow predictable patterns of success. My experience with sustainable branding is that the rule book hasn’t yet been written. New approaches emerge each day.

The first sign of my achievement is my willingness to carve out this niche. The novel premise of my business, the evolving ideas I engage with and my emerging roster of client work attests to this success. It’s proof that I’ve caught whiff of something significant.

Am I the first to walk down this path? No, not at all. But I hope to contribute to the ethics of sustainability itself by working with startups led by younger entrepreneurs, embracing diverse innovations from developing countries and giving the environment a voice in the conversation, too.

How do you define your business?

I offer freelance content marketing services for brand storytelling. My customer base consists of small- and medium-sized purpose-driven businesses. My sole proprietorship was established in January of 2019. As an American expat, I operate out of Istanbul, while paying taxes to the U.S.

This year, I aim to grow my business capabilities and client list, while writing impacting storytelling of my own via daily tweets, weekly blog posts and bi-monthly newsletters.

What’s a purpose-driven business?

The catchphrase “purpose-driven” implies a business that pursues a “triple bottom-line” of people, planet and profit. Purpose-driven companies are conscious of the state of the earth and society, recognizing their role of leadership and responsibility.

They design their business operations to promote things like fair trade, fair living wages, supply chain ethics, charitable donations and efforts to conserve and preserve our natural resources.

They’ll often innovate like a start-up, engage their community like a non-profit and operate like an industry-leader. In short, they are visionary businesses that take risks in order to tackle global problems.  

What’s your mission?

As a literary-minded writer rooted in storytelling, my first aim is to produce high quality writing that gives brands a distinct voice. Effective branding enables businesses to market successfully across channels including search, social and content marketing.

The type of brand stories that make me tick are purpose-driven. As more and more businesses embrace the marketing potential of socially responsible branding, they recognize that stories of things like economic transitions to carbon-neutral, non-exploitative business models resonate with customers. Customers trust and remain loyal to businesses that plan for future generations.

Since I’m an ethical consumer myself, I aim to partner with sustainable businesses to engage stakeholders through compelling social impact stories.

My purpose is mainstreaming sustainability.

To meet the demands of purpose-driven marketing, I conduct in-depth research, use strategic marketing practices and craft creative narratives. My work maintains a balance of substance, style and savvy.       

How does your work benefit your customers?

I encourage small and medium businesses to adapt flexibly, but monitor themselves like a multinational corporation measuring its own environmental and social impacts.

By collecting metrics, anecdotes and relevant contextual information about the ethics of a brand, a company can share important stories that boost the morale of all stakeholders of a business.

My capabilities include deliverables as varied as:

  • Company blogs that build awareness for potential customers

  • B2B direct mail marketing for like-minded partnerships

  • On page SEO writing that attracts potential leads from search engines

  • Internal messaging via newsletters that share company achievements, initiatives and day-in-the-life stories

  • Social media campaigns that engage the broader community

  • Press releases and white papers that pique the interest of investors

When working with clients, I view them as partners aimed at achieving a common goal: sustainable brand exposure. I see this as a win-win situation. I usually end up caring deeply about the commitments my clients make to improving society. This makes me advocate for them one hundred percent.  

What is your professional background?

After finishing my Master’s degree in Literature, and experiencing life abroad for a few years, I decided to apply my research and critical thinking skills to a real world purpose that combines my talents.

I learned about topics like CSR, ESG, UN 2030 SDGs and other related acronyms after working as a freelancer for a website publishing summaries of 100+ page CSR reports. While I soon ended my underpaid labor for that role, I saw the potential in this field for lucrative, meaningful work.   

Before starting this business, I worked as a writer, research assistant and editor for organization types and purposes that ran the gamut. I’ve worked with academics, a law firm, a produce hub, education firms and a translation agency for marketing materials of all types.

I developed the habit of mind to enjoy reading long reports and research from fields as diverse as political science to international arbitration law. As a result, I’ve become adept at filtering out the significant story-nuggets that impact everyday people from the chaotic noise of the information stream.

Why did you start your own business?

Starting something from scratch never daunts me. After creating my own blog on biodiversity, I honed my skills to convey ethical messages to everyday people. This helped me realize that I have an important voice that should be put to good use.

I owe my entrepreneurial spirit to my parents whose life-work involved sustaining a family-owned construction corporation specializing in infrastructure projects. My dad taught me to stubbornly follow my own path, take intelligent risks and connect with people from all walks of life. My mom taught me to stuff money in the sock drawer, make efficient use of my time and embrace my creative flair as a fellow “weird woman.”

I’m drawn to emergent sectors of business because these areas require ingenuity and trial and error to succeed. Process matters to me just as much as results. I like to tinker and engage in problem solving. That’s why our greatest global challenge draws me in.  

I see it as a space of opportunity and this keeps me optimistic.


Fun Facts

  • Growing up, my dad owned a small airplane, so we used to fly to remote wilderness areas to go camping.

  • In college, I started out as a piano performance major for my undergrad degree on a full tuition and expenses paid jazz scholarship.

  • I once snuck into a David Lynch presentation on transcendental meditation and got his autograph.  

Causes that matter to me

Biodiversity conservation, stopping deforestation and restoring carbon sinks, gender equality, indigenous rights, organic and permaculture agriculture, and urban green spaces

Favorite Sites, Blogs and Podcasts

Mongabay, YaleE360, City Lab, Anthropocene Magazine, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Ethical Corporation, SustainAbility, Futerra Blog, Sustainability Defined and Trash Talking with Eco-Warriors