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Every successful blog has its own personality. What sets purpose-driven blogs apart is the visionary potential of their content pillars. It is my job to help you establish a strong voice that will honor your authenticity. I enjoy crafting useful and engaging blog posts that spark conversations with readers.


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Personal Projects

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B2b Writing and Research

I combine storytelling, research, analysis and interviews to create compelling email marketing campaigns, long form articles, reports and white papers. By analyzing my clients’ goals to nail down the precise actions they want readers to take, I catalyze lead generation.

I also keep readers’ attention spans in mind while determining the key elements of a data-driven story. By breaking down technical jargon into digestible takeaways, I improve readers’ engagement. Thanks to my research in the fields of international arbitration law, corporate social responsibility and critical theory, I bolster texts with in-depth insights.


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Editing and Proofreading

I’m a meticulous line editor who works hard to eliminate unnecessary distractions in a text. By carefully assessing your work line-by-line, I make improvements and offer suggestions for clarifying your message.

Likewise, I adhere to the appropriate style and convention for a given text, and I have experience working with a wide range of written forms and genres. My verbal sensibility ensures your work achieves balance in terms of tone, register and diction. With so much content available online, I help you cut through the noise.


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Additional Services

Tap into a wide range of possibilities for your content strategy. The following services can all help you drive viewers towards your site. View my process below for details on how to combine multiple content strategies into one project.

On page SEO

One excellent way to drive traffic to your site is by improving the on-site SEO. By researching relevant keywords and comparing the keywords of your competitors, I’ll give you a leg up in the eyes of search ranking algorithms. I’ll ensure you have an appropriate length of characters and balance of keywords and their semantic equivalents in your URLs, title tags, meta-descriptions, headings and alt-text. On top of that, I’ll include a healthy dose of internal and external links to help your site attract a larger following. My expertise extends to best practices for Local SEO and off-site SEO.

Email and Newsletters

Did you know that email campaigns are one of the most effective content marketing strategies? By creating regularly scheduled newsletters that provide clickable freebies, exclusive sneak peaks and product offers, you can ensure your audience remains alert to your updates. In addition, you can develop exceptional rapport with your clients by sending transactional emails at different stages of the buyer journey.

In addition, you can boost confidence in your organization through company brand messaging by targeting a wide range of stakeholders. This helps you think beyond your customer base to build your reputation by engaging employees, suppliers, investors, directors and the broader community.

Website Content

Contact me to develop a powerful landing page, about page or services page that converts. I start with brand voice and purpose research to understand the attitude and motivation of your business. Then I use this to highlight the primary benefits your company has to offer in terms of creating value and a sense of customer loyalty.

Information dumps get edited out of my website content. Instead, I deliver important metrics and data using a human perspective and conversational tone. This will help you bond with newcomers who don’t already have a personal connection to your brand, product or service.

Content Strategy

A la carte blog posts and informational web pages will rarely drive the kind of engagement you seek from your content. To grow an audience, you’ll need an ongoing content strategy that plans the pillars of your content as well as integrated forms of lead generation including social media and email marketing in the form of newsletters.

I can help you plan, schedule and integrate your different forms of content into a monthly or quarterly strategy. I’ll include details on tracking relevant trends for your organization and creating an editorial calendar that highlights the specific benefits your community will receive from each content channel.

In my content strategy, I tend to emphasize purpose-driven stories, usefulness, relevance and brand authenticity.

What’s my process?

Here is an outline of the standard process I use to achieve the desired results of my clients:

  1. Customer Consultation to address client needs and my capability to fulfill them. This is conducted via email, video conference or phone call.

  2. Project Proposal containing a description of the goals, work, deliverables, schedule and a pricing quote.

  3. Agreement on Terms to adjust and refine the mutually agreed on expectations in a contractual agreement.

  4. Brand and Content Research to define a strategic approach to generating high quality marketing content.

  5. Outline and Approval for longer works that require approval from multiple individuals.

  6. Drafting and Edits based on agreed upon terms and the project proposal.

  7. Team Review and Revision to refine and adjust work to suit the precise needs of the customer.

  8. Project Final Approval and Delivery upon completion.

  9. Follow-up Review of Additional Client Needs for any content that could benefit from additional integration.

effective content marketing packages: a few examples

While the sky is the limit, here are a few ways to combine my services to strategically engage your audience using content marketing writing.

  • Content strategy + weekly or monthly blog posts + on page SEO

  • Landing page + email marketing campaign

  • Website copy + on page SEO

  • SEO Audit of existing blog content + on page SEO + editing

  • Landing page + email marketing campaign + B2B writing product (i.e., white paper or report)

Pricing Details

A wide variety of factors go into the pricing of each package including research time, word count, business volume, scope of project and scheduling requirements. I aim to provide prompt and transparent quotes for every request I receive.