Blog, Article and EBook WRiting

I provide exceptional writing that engages your readers while connecting to your marketing goals. All of my content offers well-researched talking points and in-depth insights with a logical flow of information.

By simplifying technical jargon into digestible takeaways and writing with a scannable layout, my texts serve a broad audience. Internal links and persuasive calls to action ensure the content boosts engagement with your brand.


Climate change • Carbon offsetting • Circular economy • Sustainable investing • Corporate Social Responsibility • Renewable energy • Energy efficiency • Supply chains • Eco-friendly lifestyle • Vegan diet • Future foods • Sustainable agriculture • Plastic pollution • Biodiversity loss • Ethical consumption • Ecological footprint • Green design


Byline writing • Ghostwriting • Topic ideation • Content research • Keyword research • SEO writing • Interviews • Long-form content (2000+ words) • White papers • Ebooks • Thought leadership

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On-page SEO

An excellent way to drive traffic to your site is by improving your on-page SEO. By researching relevant keywords and comparing the keywords of your competitors, I’ll give you a leg up in the eyes of search ranking algorithms.

I’ll ensure you have an appropriate length of characters and balance of keywords and their semantic equivalents in your URLs, title tags, meta-descriptions, headings and alt-text. On top of that, I’ll include a healthy dose of internal and external links to help your site attract a larger following. My expertise extends to best practices for Local SEO and backlink building for off-site SEO.


SEO Audit • Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis • SEO Updates and Tracking • Local SEO • Backlink building strategy recommendations

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Content Strategy

To grow an audience, you’ll need to plan that connects the dots of your SEO strategy, blog content pillars, promotional strategy, lead generation and marketing sales funnel. I can help you plan, schedule and integrate your different forms of content into a quarterly strategy.

In order to do so, I first assess your business goals, buyer personas, and sales tactics holistically. Next, I present a variety of strategies for getting the most mileage out of your owned content and settle on a plan for implementation.


Brand story-telling strategy • Blog planning strategy with SEO keyword research, competitive analysis and editorial calendar • Buyer’s journey content collateral strategy • Pillar blog post and ebook offer strategy • Content repurposing and cross-channel strategy

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Email and Newsletters

Email campaigns are one of the most effective content marketing strategies. By creating regularly scheduled newsletters that provide clickable freebies, exclusive sneak peaks and product offers, you can ensure your audience remains alert to your updates. In addition, you can develop exceptional rapport with your clients by sending transactional emails at different stages of the buyer journey.

In addition, you can boost confidence in your organization through company brand messaging by targeting a wide range of stakeholders. This helps you think beyond your customer base to build your reputation by engaging employees, suppliers, investors, directors and the broader community.


Email sequence • Brand awareness building emails • Sales offer emails • Monthly newsletters

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Editing services

I’m a meticulous line editor who works hard to eliminate unnecessary distractions in a text. By carefully assessing your work, I make improvements and offer suggestions for clarifying your message.

Likewise, I adhere to the appropriate style and convention for a given text, and I have experience working with a wide range of written forms and genres. My verbal sensibility ensures your work achieves balance in terms of tone, register and diction. With so much content available online, I help you cut through the noise.

If you need developmental editing to reshape and improve the narrative arc of your written work, I provide exceptional revision consultations.


Developmental editing • Line editing • Proofreading • Formatting • Book editing

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